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Why  Choose  Precision  Ceramics

At Precision Ceramics, we believe the best way to enhance the quality of patient care in the dental health industry, is to create a partnership between dentists and dental laboratories. As partners, your concerns are our concerns: creating attractive cases that seat easily and restore function; offering the latest advances in dental technology; giving outstanding service and value; and providing the best possible restoration for patients.  We understand that high quality results begin in the dental office and continue on through the laboratory process. A crown that fits properly, with shading that looks vital and blends well with the oral environment is no accident.

"Precision Ceramics is the only lab I trust for crown and bridge restorations. When I began practicing, I used two or three different labs until I realized how much faster and easier my insert appointments were with Precision Ceramics. Now Precision is the only fixed lab I use. The fit is unlike any other; the contacts are great, and I rarely have to adjust occlusion. The big seller for me, though, is the accuracy of the margins. They are the only lab I know using a 20x microscope for die-trimming through completion. This lab restored my mom’s smile, and if I ever need a crown for myself, I will send it to Josh at Precision Ceramics without hesitation."             

 Dr. Matt Sroka, DMD, Johnstown, PA